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How Synchronology Works

Synchronology is not just another skin care program. It has been created to deliver proven natural healing ingredients into the lower levels of the skin where cell regeneration actually takes place - and that makes all the difference. Synchronology works with the body's design to maximize your skin health, restore its fullest regenerative power and dramatically improve the way your skin looks and feels.

The Synchronology Secret

Most modern scientific approaches to skin care rely on the use of hyper-active chemicals to give your skin a quick fix. But they can harm your skin over time.

On the other hand, Synchronology's unique formulas are rich in natural ingredients,* especially high-grade Sea Buckthorn, known as "The Magical Berry" - proven over centuries for skin cell protection and rejuvenation. They also include other anti- aging plant substances, which combine to activate the Synchronology process, so your skin is on the path to regain its fullest potential. The secret of Synchronology is how we bring it together.

Synchronology for Women

SYNCHRONIZE The perfect skin chemistry

CHRONOLOGY The science of delivery

BIOLOGY Plant research for skin health

Get Synchronized from the Inside Out

Synchronology's plant-based products work with your skin's reproductive system, which regenerates new skin cells every 4-5 weeks, bringing healing and strengthening to the skin. Synchronization of the skin can take anywhere from 1-4 skin cycles, depending on its condition. So please be patient and let nature take its course. You will feel and see softer more vibrant skin, decreased appearance of wrinkles and improved tone and elasticity as the process takes place. While some may see results faster than others, continue to look for improvement. It's just a matter of time before you'll see healthier, younger-looking skin when you look in the mirror.

The Synchronology regimen, used daily, will help your skin regain and maintain its maximum health and glow. As a foundation for your favorite products as well as cosmetic fillers, Synchronology is the perfect nourishment for all types of skin - a "skinvestment" that will deliver increasingly beautiful results over time, so much so that you'll never want to be without it. Remember, with Synchronology it's not just about how the products feel when you apply them - it's how they work to give you the healthy skin you want.


Synchronology products are rich in Sea Buckthorn Oil, which has proven itself over thousands of years to magically repair and heal the skin. As the legend goes, in the 12th century BC, the ancient Greeks turned their exhausted horses out to die after battle. When the horses returned several days later, fully rejuvenated with shiny coats, the Greeks were amazed. They attributed the miracle to the power-packed Sea Buckthorn berries that rested on the horses' coats as they slept. From then on, Sea Buckthorn was known as "Life Oil," for its rich anti-aging properties. Today, modern science continues to confirm what the ancients knew about this incredible plant.

The Sea Buckthorn plant is one of the only natural sources for the rare Omega-7 fatty acid, which transforms the look and feel of the skin as it connects to the actual skin cell itself. It not only heals and repairs the skin, it also strengthens its immunity to protect the skin from future damage. Sea Buckthorn contains every vitamin known to man including Vitamin C, which has powerful antioxidant properties that effectively combat dry skin, wrinkles and aging.

Magical Sea Buckthorn Berry

Other vitamins found in Sea Buckthorn are Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, K & P Omegas 3, 6 & 9 - all of which are essential to cellular support and protection for healthy skin. It also contains high levels of carotenoids, which have beta-carotene as their main component, and as a result provide natural UV protection for the skin.

Please Note: The secret of the Sea Buckthorn berry is hidden beneath its pungent aroma. As a result, we have worked hard in our labs to reduce any odor without losing the fullness of the nutrients, so that it will not be offensive to you in use. However, from time to time and depending upon the various batches of this natural berry, you may experience slight traces of an odor. This is a most healthy smell - you could not find a better natural ingredient anywhere to apply to your skin.

* Excepting preservatives, which provide a healthy shelf life for the products.


The Synchronology concept has been designed by award-winning entrepreneur Grant Berry. He has spent several years developing the formulas with top German and English biologists and chemists who are experts in the study of plant and natural substances.

Grant Berry - Founder and President "I believe that the best therapy for healthy skin is through nature itself working in tandem with the body's design, along with a good diet. I have a strong belief in G-d, and like the Holy Spirit who cleanses us from the inside out, I was looking to create a new skin care regimen that really flows in the same manner, working naturally with the created design of the body and skin. The end result is Synchronology, which not only heals and rebalances your skin, but also fully maximizes your skin health. I sincerely hope that you love the Synchronology products as much as I have enjoyed creating them."

May G-d Bless you.

Grant Berry's Signature


For best results, please carefully follow the instructions, especially for daily use, which is necessary for the proper Synchronization of your skin.

Packaging: Synchronology utilizes state of the art airless packaging, providing you 100% use of all products. Each new package requires several pumps to fully activate.

From Inside Out Moisturizer

Apply twice daily, both morning and night. Place 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hand, or as much as you need to evenly spread the product around your face, avoiding the eyes. Our unique velvety formula quickly absorbs into the skin for a no-fuss application.

The moisturizer can also be used on other dry or aged parts of the body. Just apply regularly and start looking for the same results as your face, which will come in time with daily use.

Please Note: For dry skin, please reapply product again directly after your first application has absorbed.

From Inside Out Facial Cleanser

Apply twice daily. Place 1 pump of gel onto your fingertips, then gently apply around and underneath the eye to reduce puffiness. The gel has also been formulated to absorb quickly to eliminate any product from getting into the eyes.

From Inside Out Exfoliator

Use the cleanser before bedtime and whenever you are removing your makeup. To cleanse, mix 2 pumps with a little water in the palm of your hand before application, but do not expect a rich lather. Apply Synchronology's ultra-light daily cleanser evenly around your whole face, taking care to avoid the eye area. Rinse thoroughly after use.

From Inside Out Eye Gel - OPTIONAL

Use twice a week for best results. Place 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hand. The exfoliant works best after you have wet your face. Apply evenly and rotate your fingers around each part of your face, avoiding the eye areas, to ensure that the exfoliant's particles fully cleanse your pores. Rinse thoroughly.

The Synchronology products are sold through individual people such as yourselves who are looking to make some additional monthly income; part time or even full time careers.